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In the list of importers – 45 countries: Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland,
Portugal, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, etc.

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Choose from many fabrics and design your . Create and print only the fabric you need with no minimum order.

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We carry an enormous inventory of all the things you need to complete your project: notions, patterns and trims.

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We rightly have great expectations from our stakeholders and understand the responsibility that this bestows upon us. About acting ethically and responsibly towards all these stakeholders, while making smart business decisions which contribute to a sustainable, growing business.

CEO: Asmar Majid

Textile Background

The world has always been dependent on the Textile and Textile Industry since its existence. We cannot stay without wearing it. Since the evolution of mankind, the textile industry always kept growing as human needs and demands grew. People used to spin, weave, knit, dye the fabric or yarn with hand from pure natural resources though with the passage of time, all changed due to the great research work resulted in inventions of artificial resources that began to fulfill the increasing demands of arising trends, and wearing styles, and covering ourselves with the variety of stuff all over the world.

Our Services

Washing is one of the most important parts of finishing or dyeing process, where we at Asmar Textile, put full concentration. Our latest imported machinery for Textile washing has led us to attain one of the top positions in the market only in a few years. Our washing machinery washes and rinse chemicals and removes the dirt from the substrate that way the base of the fabric remains undamaged. We are very affordable in prices and time order delivered company as well.
Our state of the art dyeing unit and a highly skilled team of chemical engineers who are the experienced and real experts of chemical color mixing are converting and helping you to make your fabric a real piece of colorful fabric. They also offer you a huge range of natural as well as artificial colors. Our dyed stuff never let you down with color fading or losing color durability. We do extra care for keeping your or our own fabric in a real organic form in which it was spun and weaved during dyeing so that the fundamental beauty of the textile can be enjoyed by the end user.
Stitching is the conversion process of already made and finished fabric into a desired and designed garment. Asmar Textile’s states of the art Stitching units have the capacity of sewing a huge amount of Textile into a garment. Our masters of cutting are real experts in designing and accuracy of cutting. Asmar’s skilled workers and quality of needles and threads, we use for stitching never let us down in delivering the exact form of our orders that meant to be delivered.
tons of yarn
tons of fabric
tons of dyed fabric
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How Asmar Group Jumped into Textile

Asmar Group is out of very few emerging names of the textile industry of Pakistan who have taken the top positions in South Asia. Our long history of serving communities all over the world and especially in Pakistan for customer oriented products had inspired us and looking at our strong strength of customers’ trust, growing trends, and the massive support by the Government of Pakistan for the Textile Industry, Asmar Group decided to introduce themselves as part of a great contribution in the Textile Industry. Since our existence in recent years to by now, we have achieved and increased the trust of our existing as well as new customers due to a high focus on customer satisfaction through quality textile products, at real affordable prices. We are unbeatable and experts in quality Dyeing, Washing, and Stitching of the Textile.

Bootcut Jean

High-Rise Skinny

Wide Leg


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The textile, textile product, and apparel manufacturing industries include establishments that process fiber into fabric and fabric into clothing and other textile products. While most apparel manufacturers worldwide rely on people to cut and sew pieces of fabric together.

Off 3km Chungi Ammar Siddu Rakh Chandari Road, Race Course Town, Lahore, Punjab
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0300 8444799
Office 1Off 3km Chungi Ammar Siddu Rakh Chandari Road, Race Course Town, Lahore, Punjab
Asmar Textile
Office 1 Off 3km Chungi Ammar Siddu Rakh Chandari Road, Race Course Town, Lahore, Punjab
Asmar Textile