ISO 9002 Certified Company



     Typical Surfaces

  • New surfaces
  • Previously painted surfaces
  • Powdery, dusty surfaces (with cracks & other surfaces with defects)

 Preparation Requirements

Surface must be clean dry and free from efflorescent salts. After priming with Asmar Primer, fill the surface with a mixture of 1 part chalk, 1 part lithopone and 3-4 parts Asmar Primer to give a paste life consistency. Allow the filler to dry overnight.

  • Remove all defects or poorly adhering material by rubbing down, using a suitable abrasive paper and dust off. Spot prime and fill surface as described above, if required
  • Make good minor defects. For large holes and cracks use sand and cement mixture. Allow to dry overnight. Scuff surface using abrasive paper and dust off.
  • After preparation apply 2-3 coats of Asmar Super Emulsion.


Technical Information

  1. Coverage : 12-18m2 / liter/ coat
  2. Application : Brush/ Roller/ Spray Gun
  3. Thinner : Clean Water
  4. Thinning : By Roller/Brush 50-75%, By Spray 25%
  5. No. of Coats : 2-3
  6. Drying time : 2-3 hours between coats
  7. Cleaning : Clean all equipment with water


Safety and Environmental Notes

  • Keep away from ignition sources because it is inflammable.
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Always keep the container Air Tight Close
  • Keep out of reach of the Children
  • Ventilation should be ensured because it contains white spirit. If you are not a professional operator, do not use large surface areas or in small confined spaces.
  • Professionals are advised to use brush or roller on large surface areas inside. For the small confined spaces there must be used air supplied breathing equipment to apply for short period it is mandatory to use suitable cartridge mask provided filter change regularly.
  • The use of mask is advisable while rubbing down and same is true when applying by spray. Never breath vapor/spray.
  • In case ventilation is insufficient the use of proper respiratory equipment is advised. You must wear the eye protection while applying paint. In case of the eye contact, wash with brimful cup of water and immediately approach the doctor.
  • To remove splashes from skin, apply a recognized skin cleaner or solution of water and soap.
  • Take enough care while transporting the paint from one paint to another.
  • Always manager container to keep it in upright position.
  • Protect it from extreme temperatures and store in cool environment.
  • In case of accident always contain and collect spillage using sand or earth.
  • Please do not empty into drain or water courses.
  • Appreciate environmental quality regulation should be observed while disposing of any paint waste.