About Us

Ceo Message

ASMAR PAINTS is a successful, global and growing organisation. We rightly have great expectations from our stakeholders and understand the responsibility that this bestows upon us. About acting ethically and responsibly towards all these stakeholders, while making smart business decisions which contribute to a sustainable, growing business.
It is about:
• Choosing the right suppliers
• Giving customers what they want in a professional way
• Undertaking initiatives that enhance thehealth and well being of employees
• Responsible employment and creating valuable training and development opportunities
• Conducting business while operating in the local community as a good corporate citizen. Our Business Principles and corporate governance tools help us to achieve the behaviour we strive for. On the top of this, the core values that guide our thinking and direction remain the same – Loyalty, Care, Respect and Boldness.

Know Us More!

Minimum Usage of VOC

Minimum usage of VOC (volatile organic substances) is ensured to come up with safe & environment friendly paints.


Conserving of energy and natural resources makes our paints economically viable and non-polluting. 

Waste Reduction

One of our key objectives include reducing, re-using and recycling of wastage across all operations.

Reduction of Carbon Footprint

 Extensive research is carried out during the manufacturing process to reduce the carbon footprints.

What Makes Us Unique?

Asmar Paints are resistant to the wear and tear of the atmospheric changes and retain color, smoothness and finish for a longer period of time. It gives a homogeneous application resulting in a uniformly covered object. Asmar paints are anti-fungal and antibacterial thus act as a safety shield against molds and algae growth.

Our paints have a wide range of products for interior and exterior spaces with distinct qualities suitable for long lasting use. Richly pigmented cool and warm shades are available to add color to your life. Also,our products are manufactured by keeping wellness of the environment in mind!